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Jenkins Chiropractic Testimonials

The best test of a service-oriented business remains the satisfaction of its clientele.  At Jenkins Chiropractic, the patient always comes first!  Below is what some of our patients and colleagues have to say about us.
I initially saw Dr Jenkins for chronic lower back pain. After doing a patient evaluation, he discovered that I also suffered from significant depression. Unbeknownst to me, with atlas orthogonal specific adjustments, my depression has been relieved SIGNIFICANTLY.

My back pain is also managed so now I get to live my days feeling present. This relief and peace of mind is incalculable in value for me.

In November 2012, after suffering through ten surgeries in the previous ten years my doctor informed me that my gallbladder needed to be removed because it only functioned at 10%. At this point, I didn't have many organs left to give, so to that I said, "NO MORE SURGERIES!"

My joints constantly ached and I couldn't lose any weight regardless of my attempts to diet and exercise. I was miserable. No longer able to work, it was time to fight even harder to solve my problem. My health became my full time job.

Then I met Dr. Jenkins. Halleluiah! Unlike the specialists I had been seeing who passed me off to someone else when my symptoms didn't fit into their predefined boxes, he looked forward to solving my mystery.

The first step was to order some tests. He guessed that the reason the specialists were confused was because my symptoms crossed and made it challenging to diagnose. He estimated that I had at least five different auto-immune disorders wreaking havoc within my body. The results of the tests were scary. It turns out that my diet was in fact killing me. I was not just sensitive to wheat. I was also sensitive to rice, corn, soy and much more. No wonder every time I tried going gluten-free it didn't work.

Under Dr. Jenkins's supervision, I cleansed and followed a strict grain-free diet. Within a few short months as a grain-free eater, I dropped weight and didn't hurt anymore. I now have a full time job!

I have been faithful to the plan for a full year now. Forty pounds have melted away. I am pain-free and feel great after working 8+ hours in high heels. I still have my gallbladder and haven't experienced any issues with it sense.

I hate to think where I would be had I not met Dr. Jenkins. He saved my life.

Kara Rountree

As a patient, I truly felt that everyone in the office made their best effort to help me. I am especially impressed with and appreciate Dr. Jenkinsí diligence in proper and effective diagnosis and treatment of his patients. It has been a pleasure being a patient of Dr. Jenkins. I highly, and with utmost confidence, recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone who may in be need of chiropractic treatment. 
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The day I met Dr. Brian Jenkins was the first day in a long time I had relief from excruciating pain
Delia Millers
This is the first time in seven years I have been pain free thanks to Dr. Brian.  He went right to the area and took care of it.  Regular doctors had me on long term pain meds; no longer needed.  It feels good to feel good.
Scott McKee
Dr. Jenkins took the time to get to know me and my particular case - my first consultation with him lasted almost an hour and a half.  I feel that he genuinely cares.  Isabelle Sirolle 
After many years of neck and lower back pain it was great to have a gentle adjustment on my neck that took away my lower back pain. Charlotte Meckley
Dr. Jenkins office and staff made me feel comfortable even before I met him.  His calm and reassuring demeanour also  contributed to my relaxed state of mind.  Furthermore, his gentle adjustment techniques relieved my pain. 
Savannah Lisle
I am 75 years old and had not visited a chiropractor before seeing Brian.  I found his knowledge reassuring, and his methods successful.  I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins.  Kenneth Barnard, DDS
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Brian Jenkins, Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor Sacramento, CA
Dr. Jenkins & his family

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